We Know Insurance Because We Come From Insurance

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AgentSync’s roots are in the insurance industry’s pain points: The premise started from insurance professionals looking at manual and repetitive producer license compliance processes and thinking “there has to be a better way.”

As we continue to grow and change, we will rely heavily on the voices of our customers as well as the shared experience of our team, who often are sourced from industry backgrounds and attracted by the premise that the industry’s backend processes could be easier.

Take, for example, Sandy Allen who is a Solutions Architect in the Insurance Vertical. She has been with us since our inception and just so happens to be our fourth employee (we’re now over 200). If you know AgentSync, you know Sandy Allen, a key employee who brings a wealth of insurance experience to our company. Sandy exemplifies all the qualities an insurtech company would seek.

Sandy Allen – a highly experienced insurance professional with an itch to scratch

Sandy began at AgentSync nearly three years ago when our founders Jenn Knight and Niranjan “Niji” Sabharwal were looking for an experienced insurance professional who not only understood the “plumbing” of the insurance business but also who was a visionary.

Sandy accepted their proposal and came aboard with over 30 years of insurance industry experience. Many of her previous positions involved assisting insurance companies in streamlining their processes and becoming more efficient, and she frequently acted as an internal knowledge base. Sandy had always felt there had to be a better way to handle producer onboarding and compliance, so it was a breath of fresh air to start on this new journey with two professionals who shared and were acting on her dream of automated compliance.

What our founders discovered in Sandy wasn’t just a highly experienced and competent insurance professional, but a person who knew the insurance industry needed a technology upgrade. As we have continued to grow, these characteristics are a commonality among many team members here at AgentSync.

And there are many other proverbial Sandy Allens within our ranks. They share similar traits and experience, and we will explain why and how that benefits all of our customers.

A sample of AgentSync employees who began in the insurance trenches

AgentSync is filled with professionals who have a deep understanding of, as well as pedigree in, the insurance industry. Some even come from long family legacies in insurance, basically born to be insurance professionals. The stability of the business drew many, as did the chance to help people recover from misfortune. With AgentSync arriving on the scene and making a splash, these insurance professionals were immediately attracted to its mission to make compliance and producer onboarding easier and faster.

Following are three profiles out of the dozens of employees at AgentSync who bring a myriad of insurance experiences and a true understanding of the business, inside and out.

Kristen Bryant – Director of Product Management, Contracting

Kristen has an inspiring story that began 13 years ago in licensing and contracting and led her to found her own company, eContractPro, which AgentSync acquired in 2022.

For much of her career, she was required to use paper records and multiple electronic systems to “piecemeal this whole process [licensing and contracting] together.” She knew this existing manual process was not the most effective and founded her company to address the daily pain points she experienced. Her extensive knowledge of the need for BGAs to contract their insurance agents quickly and easily has been a boon for us here and our customers. We’re grateful to have her experience and passion for this space within our organization.

Andrea Noravian – Product Manager

Andrea has been in the insurance industry since 2011, where she began as a producer, serving as a captive agent for New York Life. She’s since held roles in everything from compliance to call centers. During her time as a producer, she “literally had a briefcase full of paper applications” as she traveled around the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) meeting clients and closing sales. Andrea ultimately landed here at AgentSync, as she knew there had to be a better way to help producers, and the industry as a whole, become more efficient.

Dustin Poland – Strategic Account Executive

Dustin began in the insurance business as a small claims adjuster where he “got yelled at all day” attempting to explain to policyholders that “this is what your policy states.” While admittedly stressful, he was able to get solid, foundational experience in the business. How did Dustin get the insurance bug? It runs in the family, as his mother worked for State Farm for many years. Dustin also has sold artificial intelligence (AI) tools to insurance carriers, proving he not only has insurance experience “in the trenches,” but he also possesses vitally important technical acumen.

The insurance industry is at the core of who we are

As you can see, in essence, we are our customers. Many of our employees have held positions in the insurance industry that actually enjoy the benefits of AgentSync’s technology. We understand the day-to-day struggles the unsung heroes of the industry endure, and we help to make their lives a little easier.

Understanding our customers as we have walked in their shoes also informs how we build our products. The “Scratch Your Own Itch” theory on how a successful business is born is alive and well here at AgentSync.

What makes an AgentSync employee stand out is deep industry knowledge with an eye for the future. They know that technology is the key to unlocking impressive efficiencies that lead to happier employees, successful recruitment efforts, and higher revenue.

People are the heartbeat of an organization, and their experience and skills can create a culture of excellence. AgentSync is composed of tech savvy employees with an extensive insurance background, creating an unmatched insurtech workforce. See how AgentSync can help you build a cutting-edge and efficient culture at your company.


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