How customer experience drives growth for life insurers | Insurance Blog

Customer experience can be a competitive differentiator for life insurers, and many of them are making strategic investments in customer experience across the enterprise to bolster business growth. These investments in people and technology are providing the 360-degree view of their customers that’s needed to uncover new opportunities. At the same time, they’re enabling a better experience for customers and employees, which is helping to drive business results.

Transforming customer portals into digital customer engagements

The customer portal is an insurance staple that’s long overdue for an overhaul, especially now as consumers embrace digital technologies. Specifically, it needs to shift from transactional to experiential and personal if insurers are to meet the rising expectations of this next generation of insurance buyers. And whomever is first to meet the needs of these potential and existing policyholders, will win their business and perhaps even their loyalty.

One way to quickly transform the

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