Learning What Bail Bond is Right for You

Every now and then we find ourselves in a predicament that leads us to need the assistance of a bail bondsman. Being able to have any 24 hour bail bondsman white plains ny is very beneficial as you can call them up at any hour of the night in order for you to make bail and be released from the county jail. Before calling the bondsman, you will want to make a decision of what kind of bail you will ask for including cash bail, recognizance release, and surety bonds, all of which require different forms of payment options.

Cash Bail

One of the easiest bail bonds to get is called a cash bail where you simply pay out of pocket for what the bail bondsman is asking for. This is always a simple option, but very expensive as your bail could be posted for thousands of dollars that you may not have in your bank account. Before asking for cash bail, always be sure to ask about other options like surety bonds or recognizance release if you are unsure of whether or not you can come up with that amount of money.

Recognizance Release

Recognizance release is for people who are not being charged with a violent crime and can make a court signed promise that they will abide by all bail conditions without having to pay any money to be released from jail. If at any given moment you break your bail conditions, chances are you will never receive a recognizance release bond again. In some cases, after you break your bail conditions, the bail bondsman will hold you until you are seen in front of a judge which could possibly take weeks to even months of waiting while being incarcerated.

Surety Bond

surety bond is when you do not have to pay any cash up front for your bail, but if your bail is broken, you will have to pay the amount you were released on back. This is one of the more popular bail bonds as it allows for an inmate to be quickly released back into the community without having to post cash bail or find someone who can put their home up for their bail money. Once you go to your court date and have proven to have no bail violations while waiting for trial, you will not be required to pay the courts any of the surety bonds back.

By understanding the different types of bonds such as surety bonds, cash bonds, and recognizance release, you can usually figure out what type is for suitable for you rather quickly. It is ideal to be knowledgable towards the matter as a bail bondsman has to explain these things a hundred times on a daily basis and if you come prepared, chances are you will be released quicker than if you were unaware of the different types of bonds being offered to you for your new pending charge.