How to save to buy a house

You can save money to buy a house in various ways. You can start saving to buy a house from now on by managing your finances so you can quickly realize owning your dream home. Realizing the dream of buying a house is not easy, in addition to intention, careful planning, consistency and strong determination are also the keys to realizing your dream.

Determine the price of the house you want to buy

Determining the price of the house you want to buy is the first step you can take in saving money to buy a house. Before you save, of course you have to know how much savings target you want to achieve. Therefore, determining the price of the house you want to buy is the most crucial thing before you save.

Start Setting Storage Strategy

After determining the price of the house you want to buy, the next strategy is to set your storage strategy. For example, if you want to raise funds for a down payment on a house, keep a short-term deposit for 1 year, so that the money for the down payment is collected without experiencing risk.

Manage Monthly Expenses

By the time you have started to set your storage strategy, what must be done is to manage your monthly expenses. Setting this monthly expense, you can apply it by taking 40% of your income. So as long as you save to buy a house, your monthly expenses will not be disturbed.

Determine the Instrument for Your Money Deposit

If you keep your money in short-term deposits, it can be done to collect a down payment to buy a house. You can also do investment instruments to increase your coffers. You can choose gold instruments as one of your long-term savings.

Determine the period of saving with the price of the house you want to buy

If the price of the house you want is high enough, you can determine the time period for saving according to the price of the house you want. Remember, the average property price will increase, so every year you have to increase your savings if you want to realize the house you dream of.

Pay Off Existing Debts

This is the most crucial, because it can interfere with your cash flow while saving. Check all outstanding debts such as credit cards, car installments, and others. As much as possible pay off all debts before you decide to save the cost of buying a house. So that the costs of daily life are not disturbed.

Find Additional Income

If you feel your income is still not enough to buy the house you want. Looking for additional income can help you raise additional funds to buy a house. Look for a side job that doesn’t interfere with your main job, such as writing, design, or other work that can be done remotely.

Smart Shopping

If you like shopping, start shopping smart from now on. Smart shopping is meant here, if you want to buy an item check the value of its investment in the future. For example, if you are an action figure enthusiast, choose one whose future value will be high. So you don’t shop for things in vain, because there is an investment value for the future.

Manage Expenses Tightly

From the moment you decide to save to buy a house, you have to start managing your expenses strictly. If it’s not too important and still outside of your primary needs shopping, it’s better not to need to shop for these items. Or spend money hanging out in expensive places just to look cool. By tightening spending, will greatly affect your finances in the future.

Apply Autodebit Deposit

Applying autodebit savings will also make it easier for you to save. So you can continue to be consistent in saving every month, because it is immediately withdrawn according to the adjusted nominal. In addition, autodebit can avoid trivial things such as forgetting to set aside your savings.