Gold Investing: Improve Your Collection With These Precious Gold Coins

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Suppose you are starting; Old Gold Coins investing lies in obtaining a value store while using it as an investment purpose. Counting on the economic turbulence and uncertainty, you may be on the hunt for an opportunity to get hold of gold coins. For those investors already considering this, the following available gold coins may drive your interest while diversifying your portfolio.

1 2013 $50 Gold American Buffalo Reverse Proof – BU – $2,657.04

The rare specimen is as a “Reverse Proof” coin, made as a 1 oz. .9999 fair gold coin in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Buffalo Nickel. That makes it a good pick among the gold coins.

These Gold Buffalos come with James Earle Fraser’s Native American depiction as the top profile on matters specifications. The back also sports the Buffalo reboot with the reverse featuring the mighty bison on the watch.

2 $20 Saint Gaudens Gold Double Eagle – AU – Random Year – $2,333.99

This $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle coinage happens to be the legendary master sculptor and historian Augustus Saint-Gaudens. For its worth, the gold coin comes with a .9675 oz in weight plus a purity level of 0.9 under AU standards. Initially, the Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle was from surplus gold, with banks and businesses responsible for using the coins for business transactions.

3 2019 $50 Gold American Buffalo – BU – $2,157.30

James Earle Fraser’s design reboot, 2019 $50 Gold American Buffalo, stands as one of the highest-quality bullion coins produced by the United States. Its initial purpose in 2006 would have the $50 Gold Buffalo compete with the Canadian Maple Leaf. On paper, the US government backs the 2019 $50 Gold American Buffalo coin made of 1 Troy ounce of .9999 fine gold.

4 1986 $25 Gold American Eagle – BU – $1,079.52

In its initial release in 1986, the gold bullion coin was among the first designs made available for the public to buy after President Reagan’s law decree.

On its right, the gold bullion is a work of art with the front featuring a Lady Liberty’s depiction plus double Gold American Eagles at the back. You might also consider that the US government backs the 1986 $25 Gold American Eagle coin’s weight and purity. With each piece, you get a fractional coin containing ½ Troy oz of .9167 pure gold and a symbolic $25 denomination at the front display.

Where to Buy Gold Coins

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