‘The Emoji Movie’ Star Makes A Splash At Cannes

Movie StarOpened in 1927, the building had been named for Sid Grauman, a Hollywood showman who helped finance the theater’s building. It is fronted by an ornate Chinese pagoda and the hand and footprints of well-known film stars captured in cement.

Here’s a true take a look at of movie stardom: isolation. You lock an actor in a room, strand them at sea, or catapult them into outer space, far away from anybody else, with nothing to play off of however themselves and their environment, and with solely sufficient backstory for us to care whether or not they reside or die. You present the character a simple objective: survive. And you give the actor a hurdle that is decrease stakes, but nonetheless comparably terrifying: make it fascinating. Then you sit back and see what occurs.

The tragic death of young Olive Thomas was the very first Hollywood scandal that was closely … Read more

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